Our Approach to Learning


At Lanai Road Elementary, we know that every student deserves an equitable education where they develop confidence in their learning and in themselves. With Social Emotional Learning at our core, our students thrive in an inclusive environment where their individual needs are met, essential social and leadership skills are developed, and enrichment classes deepen classroom learning. Through restorative practices and positive behavior management, every student is respected and is treated with kindness.


At Lanai Road Elementary, we don’t “teach to the test.” Beyond our rigorous Benchmark Advance and Eureka Math curriculums, our teachers are committed to creating impactful connections through inquiry and project-based learning, real world applications and differentiated instruction. We believe every student is not only capable of learning, but that every student belongs in an environment where they are challenged to think critically and creatively daily.


At Lanai Road Elementary, every student, family member, and staff member is an integral part to our success. We are all committed to the same goal: Providing each student with the most fulfilling education possible. With this as our foundation, Lanai Road Elementary thrives through family volunteerism and support. Our students, families, teachers, administrators and stakeholders work as a team to make Lanai Road Elementary the most incredible place to be!