School Site Council (SSC) & English Learner Advisory Council (ELAC)

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The School Site Council (SSC) has the responsibility to:
  • Develop the Integrated Safe School Plan
  • Develop and adopt the SPSA (Title I Schools)
  • Examine school performance data, parental involvement data
The English Learners Advisory Council (ELAC) has the responsibility to:
  • Provide written recommendations to the SSC regarding programs and services for English Learner (EL) students
    • Recommendations should be based on student performance and parental involvement data.

Because Lanai has fewer than 21 English Learner students, authority of the ELAC is designated to the SSC.
2023-2024 SSC MEMBERS
Mario Thompson, Principal
Francine Brown, Teacher
Cassie Kim, Teacher
Maria Muffoletto, Teacher
Vina Salazar, Teacher
Craig Hirsch, Parent
Shabnam Moobed, Parent
Marissa Leitner, Parent
Kimia Sehati, Parent
Nancy Soleimani, Parent